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weller talking about “ghosts”, one of the jam’s best lyrics.

(via jalmod)

From a project in response to Circus by The Jam, this is a portrait of my friend Brian.  Brian being the closest person to a mod I have met with his snazzy haircut and neatly folded polo shirts; splendid chap.

I focused a lot on the details in clothing and managed to create my own ‘fabric’ by repeatedly photocopying a sheet of black paper to achieve this pin-stripe like pattern.


This is my first attempt at creating a simple cell animation. The final product shows that a bit more care is needed when tracing each drawing. 

Created using After Effects using 120 drawings at 6 frames per second.

It’s a bit shit, I did do it in a very small time period though and will prove to be a valuable bit of experimentation for me. Hoorah.